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Cleaning Services

With our Cleaning Services we always exceed your expectations to meet the requirements of your space and schedule. We do our work with passion and joy and we go the extra mile to make your investment worthwhile.

Residential Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t always easy.

Especially when a situation that requires intensive and deep cleaning suddenly arises. Be it remodeling, or selling or buying a new house.

It is always better to call in an expert to do the job properly, efficiently and using the right products and equipment needed. Even for customers who only want to have a routine Cleaning Service, hiring a professional cleaning company will save time and money.

When you hire our services, you can be sure that we will deliver on time and according to your schedule. We also make sure that you find your place in perfect condition after the service has been provided.

Trilogy prides itself on the care we take with our customers' property and belongings. We help increase the value and appearance of your property. We also want to contribute to maintaining your good health, and that of your family.

Move in / Move out

Trilogy is your moving company in the Denver metro area.

A check-in/out cleaning service is the right thing to do for several reasons.

First of all, you'll save time by having someone come and do the hard, tedious work of deep cleaning when you move so you can focus on transporting your belongings.

It's also a good idea because this way you can ensure that you meet your contractual obligations. In this way, you save time and money, and more importantly, being able to do what needs to be done regarding the property when you need it without having to pay fees or deposits.

Finally, all cleaning is demanding and requires a great deal of specialized equipment to effectively clean all surfaces, appliances, and structures in your home.

Our specialized team can get the job done on time and with results you won't get otherwise.

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Deep Cleaning

Trilogy offers a Home Deep Cleaning Service in the Denver Metro Area designed to thoroughly sanitize your home in a way that only specialized companies can.

We have the technology and knowledge necessary to perform a true deep cleaning of your home, the exterior areas of your home, your carpets and also your furniture. Our team will vacuum all the carpets, rugs, and flooring.

Any tile, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring will be cleaned based on the needs of the material used. Additionally, we dust, wipe, and clean all of the surfaces in the home.

This includes furniture, counters, doorways, and décor, You can expect the best results with us. Since Trilogy also offers remodeling and painting services, we are a great option for people who need repairs or painting work along with cleaning.

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your space as if it were new from time to time.

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